Counterfeit Products Warning

Due to the discovery of counterfeit Snooper products being sold on auction websites, we strongly recommend that Snooper products are purchased from an Official Snooper Authorised dealer. All units supplied from are Guaranteed to be 100% Genuine Snooper models, in addition to this all units supplied are the latest 2017 models preloaded with the latest available software unless otherwise stated and are supplied with full manufacturers warranty, back up and product support.

New Map Guarantee

We Guarantee you the very latest Snooper mapping available. Register your unit within 30 days of first use and if a more recent map is available you can download it for free! See user manual for further details, terms & conditions.

Shotsaver S430
Shotsaver S430

Included from Snooperdirect
FREE UK Technical Support
FREE 'LIFETIME' Golf course downloads
FREE Twin cigar lighter adaptor worth £9.99
FREE Insured delivery
Also Included as Standard
INC Hard case + Silicon case
INC Deluxe golf trolley mounting bracket
INC 12v In-car & Mains chargers
INC 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Latest Preloaded Model S430 Shotsaver with Optional Sat Nav & AURA
Includes all the features of the award winning S320 but with a 3.5" Screen & Longer battery life

Availability : OUT OF STOCK

Largest LCD display in it's class! 6000 Courses with No download fees! and No subscription!

The all New S430 Shotsaver GPS range finder has been designed for golfers demanding only the highest quality equipment. The S430 incorporates a hand held 3.5" sunlight readable display, is waterproof and comes with a changeable, rechargable battery that can provide up to 14 hours of battery life, easily capable of taking you round two golf courses in one day on a single charge.

New model now Pre-loaded with over 6000 courses across Europe!

NEW Giant 3.5" hand held outdoor sunlight readable LCD display
NEW Model now Pre-loaded with over 6000 courses - use Shotsaver straight from the box!
NEW Model with FREE Lifetime UK & EU golf course updates/downloads
NEW Larger memory model has the capacity to store up to 20,000 golf courses in total!
NEW 14 hour rechargeble battery life means hardwiring to a golf trolley is no longer required
NEW Model waterproof to WXP7 standard

The New S430 GPS golf range finder is the result of months of intensive research and development. Golfers the World over striving to improve their game demand the highest quality equipment and the S430 meets and exceeds those demands.

The S430 incorporates the brightest LCD screen in the industry. This makes it easy to read in any conditions. In addition the S430 comes with a built-in rechargeble battery capable of guiding you round the golf course for up to 14hrs!

The new S430 is perfect for British summer time and is completely waterproof!

S430 Shotsaver uses the very lastest GPS technology to provide you with accurate positional information anywhere on the golf course. Our database of courses covers the whole of Western Europe and gives you Preloaded access to over 6000 courses, one of the most comprehensive golf databases available and still growing. Shotsaver uses the most accurate GPS technology to provide you with distances to the front, back and middle of the green plus hazards such as bunkers, trees, streams, lakes and ponds. Golf courses are plotted on foot to ensure maximum accuracy. The large 3.5" LCD display makes using the S430 Shotsaver easy. Distance readings and hole information are displayed in large format so are easily readable even in bright, sunny conditions. In addition the Shotsaver S430 is of course waterproof.

Pre-loaded golf courses

To make life even easier the S430 Shotsaver comes with over 6000 golf courses across Europe pre-loaded, so you can use Shotsaver staright from the box and has the capaciity to store up to 20,000 golf courses in total. However Shotsaver is updatable so as and when new golf course information is added to our database you can downloaded it via your PC FREE OF CHARGE!

Fully portable

This stylish handheld device incorporates the brightest LCD display available on a GPS golf range finder anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery with up to 14hrs battery life is capable of taking you round two golf courses in one day on a single charge. Carry Shotsaver in your pocket or mount it easily and conveniently on our specially designed golf trolley bracket (Currently supplied free of charge). Due to the extended life battery, the 2011 S430 will never require hardwiring to a golf trolley.

Preloaded with over 6000 courses - use Shotsaver straight from the box!
Now course legal! Sanctioned by both the PGA and R&A for professional competition.

Course Accuracy

All golf courses are plotted on foot to ensure maximum accuracy and in the unlikely event you can't find your golf course on our list let us know and we will have it plotted within 21 days. Please allow up to 60 days for course requests overseas*

*Please note that we require the permission of the golf club before we can commence plotting.


Shotsaver includes a number of easily identifiable icons designed to make it as easy as possible for you to see how far you are away from the green and what dangers lie ahead!

Record how far you hit each and every club!

Many golfers don't know exactly how far they hit each club and in golf knowing these distances is essential. Shotsaver gives you the ability to measure how far you hit each and every golf club so you can make the right club selection each and every time. Simply record the position of your ball, take you shot and then record the position it lands. Shotsaver will provide you with details of the longest and shortest distances you hit each club plus will keep a running average.

Electronic scorecard

Shotsaver's electronic scorecard will save the scores of up to four players. Enter the name and handicap of each player at the beginning of the round and then enter your scores at the end of each hole. Shotsaver's electronic scorecard will total your score and automatically calulate your net score and Stableford score. Shotsaver let's you see your score at a glance at any time, leaving you free to concentrate on your golf.

Satellite Navigation

It is also possible to add street level satellite navigation and speed camera detection to the S430 Shotsaver. With Snooper's pocket navigation software you can use the S430 in your car as well as on the golf course! Not only will you be able to navigate around your favourite golf course, you will also be navigated directly there and with your license safely intact!

Snooper sat nav and speed camera detection software is supplied on a micro SD card and can be installed in seconds. Simply slide the micro SD card in to the SD card slot on the underside of the unit and you are ready to go!

Snooper pocket sat nav can purchased separately or as a bundle

Sat Nav - UK & Ireland - £59.99 inc vat
Sat Nav - Western Europe - £99.99 inc vat

See price drop down menu at the bottom of this page for bundled prices.

AURA Speed camera updates available separately subject to a subscription charge

Perform as many downloads as you like with three affordable payment options:

Option 1 - £2.99 per month
Option 2 - £7.99 per quarter
Option 3 - £29.99 per year

Payment can be made by credit or debit card during online registration or by telephone. Details of these options are available in the quick start guide supplied.


Latest Shotsaver software now Pre-Loaded with over 6000 courses
Free 'LIFETIME' Golf course downloads
Hand held design with Giant 3.5" full colour LCD Sunlight readable display
Hi resolution WQVGA LCD (240x320pixels)
Waterproof to WXP7 standard
Long life 14hour battery
Built-in GPS antenna
Compatible with 12V & 24V power supplies
Touch display
Electronic Scorecard
Club Distance Recorder
Hole number
Par of hole
Stroke index
Distance to back of green
Distance to centre of green
Distance to front of green
Distance to hazards


H: 120mm
D: 20mm
W: 70mm

New S430 Shotsaver Includes

Latest Preloaded S430 Shotsaver unit
Full accessory pack
High quality quick release windscreen suction cup bracket
12V Cigarette lighter supply/charger
Download software disc
USB connector lead for fast efficient downloads direct from your PC
Protective carry case
User guide


Street level navigation
Full post code search
Turn by turn voice instructions
Built-in rechargeable battery
'One touch' Home & Office route planner
2D & 3D map views
A choice of different screen colours
Extensive list of Points of Interest
AURA Speed Camera database

Technical specification

Operating Systen - WIN CE 6.0
CPU Speed - 700Mhz
Memory ROM - 1GB SLC NandFlash
Display Display Area - 53.64 x 71.52 (3.5" diagonal)
LCD display - 3.5" Sunlight readable TFT active matrix
Resolution - 240 x 320
Brightness - Typ. 250 Cd
Viewing Angle - min. 80(V/H) Deg.
Internal Battery - Rechargeable Li-Pol 2,000mAh (changeable)
Full Charging Time - 5hrs (DC), 10hrs (USB)
Storage SD/SDHC - (Micro SD-Slot)
Audio Output Power - 1W mono, 8 Ohms
Speaker - 1W mono, 20 mm
GPS Antenna -Embedded Patch Antenna
GPS Chipset - u-blox 6
Hot Start - average 5 sec
Warm Start - average 45 sec
Cold Start - average 60 sec
Operating Temperature Range -10C to +55C
Storage Temperature Range -20C to +70C

Shotsaver Customer Testimonials

Dear Sir/Madam,

I don't believe in luck, especially not in sport. With that in mind, I would like to share yesterdays round with you. A series of events upon which you can make your own mind.

My pairs partner, Glen McKay and I played the Marriott Forest of Arden(Arden course) yesterday, in the national finals of the Global Golfers/Daily Express pairs competition. The prize for the top 6 pairs, being an all inclusive trip to Jamaica for a week playing golf in just 9 days time.

Off the white tees and 6,707 yards in a 30mph wind. It starts to rain on the first tee. The greens are very slick and every putt missed, means a 3-4ft putt coming back. It was difficult.

Not doing awfully well, I stood on the 5th tee. "The Spinney" hole. Tee markers show 172yds into the wind. First 3 players don't hit the green. I take a 4 iron out, step up and hit a low one. It's straight at the hole. Bounces 20yds short of the green and runs on. "That's close", were the words as we trudged up to the green. The ball clearly visible next to the hole. We walk up and as we get to the green, the balls gone. I wonder if I've misjudged it and it's in a depression. We walk up to the hole and there it is. The little beauty has fallen in. HOLE IN ONE!!!!!!! GET IN THERE!!!!!!! My first hole in one. Ye Ha!

More importantly, 5 points. I'm made up with myself and put the ball away for safe keeping.

So what happened next. I step up to the 6th tee, full of it. I take a new ball and my 4 wood for safety. And you've guessed it. Smack!!!.....straight into the farmers field. You just couldn't write it.

Anyway, we complete a very hard round with combined 59 points. A real struggle. Decent back 9 though, with 32 points. Glen goes up to put the scores in. I think it's not good enough and I put my clubs in the car. Glen shouts down, "We're 4th", on countback with 9 pairs still to come.

The other 9 pairs come in and only 2 others beat us. We're 6th and last of the qualifiers. Doesn't matter though, we're on the plane next Thursday. All sing, "WHOA! We're going to Jamaica."

Glen will tell you that it was his 2 points on the last that got us there. I'll tell you that it was my hole in one for 5 points. But whatever and however, it was an exciting team effort and we're off next Thursday to get a sun tan. We'll be in the Daily Express as well. Fame at last.

Anyway, my reason for telling you this, is the fact that the actual yardage to the flag was 170yds, a distance indicated by my Snooper Sapphire S280. Perfect for a 4 iron into the wind. Since purchasing my Snooper, I've ripped shots off my game, avoiding hazards and firing at the pin instead of the middle of the green. Your staff have been first class and plotted every course I've asked of them in double quick time.

So, a big thank you and please feel free to use this in any of your promotional literature. If you have any courses plotted in Jamaica or commemorative items, please let me know. It would be nice to have something to remember the day by.

Thanks again,

Vince Ley

"I have to admit I was sceptical when I first purchased my Shotsaver. I was worried it would be difficult to use and I wasn't completely confident it was going reduce my score. I had also heard so many stories about accuracy.The reality, thankfully, was very different. It's incredibly simple to use and the accuracy has always been within a meter or so. Shotsaver has also genuinely changed my score. It helped me knock 3 shots off and I have been able to maintain this improved level consistently - all because I know the exact distance instead of guessing. It's the best thing I have added to my bag in years"



1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

System Requirements:

To update the Shotsaver and AURA speed camera database on your unit you will need a PC with either Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and have internet access.

Improve your game or your money back! Terms & conditions

Try any Shotsaver product for 28 days. If it doesn't improve your game we'll give you your money back. Participating retailers only. Units must be returned within 28 days of purchase in suitable packaging using an insured courier service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery at your cost. Units must be returned in original packaging complete with all accessories and in 'as new' condition to the retailer you purchased the unit from including your original receipt or invoice. Please allow 28 days for your refund to be processed. Please note the refund will not cover any return postage costs.

Free 85 page 'SAVE YOUR LICENCE' Guide ebook + Multiplug Adaptor

Shotsaver S430

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