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New Snooper DVR-1HD MINI Vehicle Drive Recorder
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New Snooper DVR-1HD MINI Vehicle Drive Recorder
Buy New Snooper DVR-1HD MINI Vehicle Drive Recorder CHRISTMAS OFFER: £79.99 INC VAT & DELIVERY
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Included from Snooperdirect
FREE UK Technical Support
FREE Next Day Insured delivery
Also Included as Standard
INC Windscreen mount, 12v Power lead
INC 8GB SD card, GPS Antenna & Card Reader

The New Snooper DVR-1HD Vehicle Drive Recorder. Your Compact and Discreet 'Black box' Recorder

Availability : IN STOCK Same Day Dispatch

Lightweight and discreet, Snooper DVR-1HD Mini Vehicle Drive Recorder is every motorist's ideal companion. This cost-effective product provides high-definition images of the road, while also reporting any driving incidents across Europe. Other key features of this must-have device include:

•Automatic accident and event recording
•Emergency recording
•High-definition image projection
•Built-in miniature video camera
•120-degree wide angle view

Building upon our highly successful DVR range, DVR-1HD Mini, is the ideal, cost effect way to protect you.

Key features

HD video recording
Small and discreet at 70mm
Built-in microphone
Included 8gb micro SD card
G-Sensor and GPS tracking

Used as evidence against false insurance claims

In recent years, the UK has seen a dramatic increase in 'crash for cash' scams and false insurance claims. These scams and false claims have been estimated to cost insurers £392 million per year and sent insurance premiums rocketing for every driver (an average increase for UK policy holders of £44).

Faster insurance claim settlements

Recent reports from insurance companies like AXA have shown that insurance claims are settled quicker when a driver has video evidence of the incident from a Dash Cam or onboard camcorder. By quickly identifying the culprit for the incident, insurance companies can settle claims quicker in your favour without the long winded process of identifying who was to blame.

Adrian Flux insurance premium discount

Owners of a DVR-1HD Mini can now receive up to 15% discount on new insurance premiums purchased through Adrian Flux insurance. Adrian Flux is the UK's largest specialist motor insurance broker, covering everything from classic and vintage cars, campervans and motorhomes to heavily modified sports cars.

Whiplash, lies and fraud; the UK's growth industry

Vehicles, particularly business vehicles, are now increasingly targeted by fraudsters costing insurers and businesses over half a billion pounds a year. A spokesman for the insurance industry said, "crash for cash" is becoming a booming business, all the fraudsters need is a car and a little know how and they're ready to go". We certainly recommend that motorists take steps to mitigate any fraud by using a DVR device".

Fight back with the exceptional Snooper DVR-1HD Mini. On-board cameras, have claimed to reduce driver's motor insurance claims by between 30-50%, simply by proving the incident wasn't your fault. So protect your No Claims Discount by providing video evidence that the incident wasn't your fault.

With a DVR aboard, you may also find improvements in fuel economy. Simply knowing that you have a DVR, you will change your driving style, reducing harsh acceleration and sharp breaking and therefore saving fuel.

GPS location technology

Snooper DVR-1HD Mini uses our latest, highly sensitive, GPS technology to pinpoint your location, velocity and routing and overlays this information onto Google Maps®

Wide angle viewing

With 120° wide angle viewing, once mounted behind your rear-view mirror, DVR-1HD Mini will capture everything from your journey, and provide vital video evidence when required.

Crystal clear micro camera

Ensuring crystal clear imagery, the built-in one megapixel lens offers incredible clarity and definition. One of the leading micro cameras on the market.

Small and discreet

At only 70mm x 35mm circumference, DVR-1HD Mini is one of the smallest GPS DVRs around, making it easy to hide-away behind a rear view mirror and not restricting a driver's view.

Automatic switch on

DVR-1HD Mini automatically starts recording when you turn the ignition, no need to remember to switch on, or even think about it once installed. This is crucial, as the unit automatically switches on; it records every journey made, even a quick trip down the road, ensuring you're fully covered in the event of an accident.

Product review

"All I needed to do was pop the micro sd card into the recorder, clip it on the windscreen bracket and attach the power via the cigarette lighter plug. Quick and easy" Hit The Road Pat.

G-Sensor and GPS

A built-in G-Sensor and GPS antenna records speed, location and time and impact data. Once an incident is recorded, DVR-1HD Mini overlays the data onto Google Maps® for easy viewing and downloading, it's like having your very own Black Box recorder.

Selectable image output

Snooper DVR-1HD Mini comes with a selectable image output function, allowing drivers to choose whether they want HD quality images or a longer recording period with lower resolution.

1280 x 720 (HD)
640 x 480p

Micro SD card included

To capture any driving incidents, DVR-1HD Mini comes complete with an 8GB micro SD card. All incidents are automatically recorded onto the micro SD card, and to ensure you never miss an incident, the smart DVR-1HD Mini will film 15 seconds before and 10 seconds after the event. For increased recording times, owners can increase the storage capacity to a 32GB micro SD card. All Snooper DVR's come complete with a Micro SD card, unlike other lower priced DVRs.

Viewing footage

It's easy to view any footage recorded on your DVR-1HD Mini through our Snooper viewer. Using the SD card reader, download the video files to your PC and review quickly, simply and clearly.

Built-in screen?

DVR-1HD Mini does not include a built-in screen. DVR devices with built-in screens often use extra power which may result in draining your vehicle's battery. To extend the battery life of this unit, it does not include a display screen.

Voice guidance supported.
Voice guidance function for user's convenience.

Night and day

DVR-1HD Mini provides crystal clear high definition imagery night and day, providing 24 hours a day security.

IR LED ­ on

The infrared LEDs help improve visibility at night.

Manufacturer guarantee

Snooper DVR-1HD Mini comes with a 12 month Snooper guarantee.

Key features include:-

Automatic accident and event recording
Continuous audio and video recording
Emergency recording
HD Images - 1280 x 720p (HD) or selectable 640 x 480p
Built-in micro GPS technology
Built-in miniature video camera
3 Axis G-Sensor
24 hour Day and Night modes
Vehicle speed
120 degree angle view
Sharpness correction
8GB SD card included. Can support up 32GB
16GB ­ Estimated recording time - 8.5 to 10hrs (recording 640 x 480p imagery)
Snooper DVR-1 HD Mini PC software companion

What's in the box?

Snooper DVR-1HD Mini vehicle drive recorder
GPS windscreen mount
12V Hard-wired cable
5V USB vehicle charger
GPS antenna
microSD card 8Gb
USB to video out cable
USB data cable


Camera Type - CMOS
Angle of view - 120 degrees
Camera - 1-megapixel
Video out - Yes
Photo Format - Jpeg
Video Format - AVI
Resolution - variable 1280 x 720p (HD) or 640 x 480p selectable
Frame - 30 fps max.
Recording type - Continuous recording, Event recording, Manual recording
Event type - 3-axis Automatic by shock detection
Event recording - 15 seconds prior to incident until 10 seconds after incident (total of 25 seconds)
GPS - Velocity, Location, Google Maps® - Supported
Memory SD Card - Basic Capacity Included microSD memory card 8GB. Will support up to 32GB* (speed class 6 and above)
Audio - High sensitivity condenser MIC
Operating Temperature - -10 to 60°C
Output - Speaker Built-in
Main Power - DC 5V-12V,
Current - MAX 300mA
Battery Back-Up - 200mAh
G-Sensor - Built-in
Dimensions - 70mm x 35mm x 35mm
GPS Windscreen Mount - Built-in Antenna
Cigar Socket Power Lead - 3.5 metres

*Snooper DVR-1HD Mini will automatically overwrite oldest recorded data first once the SD card is full. Continous Loop Recording.

It is the owners responsibility to understand and comply with any applicable local laws and invasion of privacy rights that may be enforced with regards to publicly displaying photographs or videos of people or vehicles when using this product.

New Snooper DVR-1HD MINI Vehicle Drive Recorder
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New Snooper DVR-1HD MINI Vehicle Drive Recorder
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Buy New Snooper DVR-1HD MINI Vehicle Drive Recorder

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