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Due to the discovery of counterfeit Snooper products being sold on auction websites, we strongly recommend that Snooper products are purchased from an Official Snooper Authorised dealer. All units supplied from are Guaranteed to be 100% Genuine Snooper models, in addition to this all units supplied are the latest 2020 models preloaded with the latest available software unless otherwise stated and are supplied with full manufacturers warranty, back up and product support.

What the Press are saying...
2016 Trucking Magazine Sat Nav Review

S6800 TRUCKMATE PRO - Trucking Magazine Summer 2016 Overall Group Test Winner!

"Snooper was first to market with a truck-specific sat nav way back in 2007, and its TruckMate series has been steadily improving over the years. With the S6800, it's got things down to a fine art ­ even if it doesn't feature quite as many bells and whistles as other devices in the test. The S6800 is a no-frills trucker's sat nav that gets the job done, and gets it done very well. It's large 7 inch LCD has a matt finish, which means it's always easy to see even in bright sunlight. The map display an onscreen instructions are clear and concise, and the oversize speaker on the back of the unit means audible instructions can be heard in even the noisiest of cabs. But if you still need additional volume, it's built-in FM transmitter can broadcast instructions through your truck's radio. In our tests, the S6800's mapping stood out as being highly accurate and its routing second to none. It never once took us down a road with restrictions that clashed with our vehicle profile, and its user interface, though perhaps a bit clunky, is clearly laid out, responsive and supremely functional. To top it all off the device is also loaded with a top-notch list of POI's (points of interest), including truck stops, fuel/AdBlue pumps, ATMs, eateries and much more."


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