Memory-Map Bike 270 GPS & 270HC GPS Trip Computer
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Memory-Map Bike 270 GPS & 270HC GPS Trip Computer

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FREE Twin cigar lighter adaptor worth £9.99
FREE Protective carry case worth £9.99
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INC Bike mount and fitting cables
INC PC cable
INC Subscription to for route sharing
INC 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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Prove you're king of the mountains and take your ride to the next level with Memory-Map Bike 270 Pro GPS Trip Computer. Get your speed, distance, time, elevation plus much much more at your fingertips.

Reasons you need a Bike GPS

Like most of us cyclists, whether you're a road racer or a downhill mountain biker, knowing how far you've travelled and how fast (or slow) you've managed to conquer that hill is a must. With a bike GPS, you can quickly and effortlessly monitor your ride and get instant rewards for all the effort you have put in.

Every cyclist loves to brag about their ride, the speed, distance and elevation travelled. Using a bike GPS means you can back your boasts with detailed data, plot your ride onto a satellite map and share with your fellow riders via social media. It's time to claim those bragging rights.

Whilst the use of a smartphone app is increasingly popular, purchasing a dedicated GPS Bike computer is ideal for any rider especially a data hungry cyclist.

Pro's of a Bike GPS

Using a Bike GPS Computer has many advantages for a cyclist over a smartphone app. Firstly, they are compact, lightweight and fit easily onto your bike. They are created with a cyclist in mind and being lightweight aids the balance of your bike. They are also designed specifically for outdoor use, meaning they're fully weatherproof and less likely to get damaged in an accident or if they slip out of the holder.

What type of rider are you?

Memory-Map Bike 270 Pro are designed for the enthusiast and competitive professional riders.

By these terms we mean:

Enthusiast Rider:- Commuters or dedicated riders who cycle more than twice a week. Looking for more options and data about their ride than just basic speed, time and distance.

Competitive Professional Riders:- Cyclists who want in-depth data at their fingertips including speed, time, distance, elevation, heart rate and calories. These riders are your competitive road racers or downhill mountain bikers.

Simple and Easy to Use

Memory-Map Bike GPS units engineered by Snooper, are designed to be simple and easy to use. We want you to concentrate on your ride and improving your performance, not swiping and clicking buttons to set your device before you start.

Data Recorded

Memory-Map Bike 270 Pro GPS Computer records speed, distance, time, calories, altitude, heart rate plus much more.

PRO Training Monitor

Bike 270 Pro use ANT+ wireless sensor, enabling the device to be synchronised with a heart rate and cadence* for detailed ride stats.

Free Subscription to included

All Memory-Map Bike GPS units come with a free subscription to trailzilla, a trial and route sharing community. Show your ride to fellow enthusiasts with trailzilla.

*Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence sensors are optional extras (See below options).

Button or Swipe Screen?

Although today's modern way of manufacturing products is to include a swipe screen on every device, our Bike GPS units have been designed with functional buttons. When out riding in all kinds of weather, swipe screens can become impractical and difficult to use, particularly when using cycle gloves. By using buttons, we have alleviated these irritations, allowing Memory-Map Bike GPS users to keep their gloves on and not have to wipe dry the screen.

Long Battery Life

Memory-Map Bike 270 Pro GPS bike unit has a built-in rechargeable battery that's capable of producing up to 20 hours of use from fully charged. Compare this with the average smartphone and app which can last up to 5 hours on a single charge and the benefits of a Bike GPS for a full days ride makes perfect sense.

Data Readability

Bike GPS's are designed for maximum readability while out riding on the roads or over difficult mountain bike trails. With larger digits and a clear, simple display, Memory-Map Bike GPS computers can be read even through the harshest of road vibrations.

Backlight Screen

Ride at night? A backlight feature is a must for any commuter, particularly during the winter months of the UK and Europe. Memory-Map Bike 270 Pro is backlight for easier reading and displaying data, rather than shining your helmet torch onto the screen.

Wire Free GPS Computer

By being a wireless device, Memory-Map Bike 270 Pro is easy to install and no messy wires which can affect your bike control.

Record Your Rides

Memory-Map Bike GPS records your ride and saves it as a GPX file so you can upload it to see where you have been and review your stats.

Multi-Sports Recording

As well as recording your cycling performance, Bike 270 Pro can be switched to record your walking and running pace.

Secure Mounting

Bike 270 Pro comes with a simple yet secure mount to attach to your unit to your handle bars.

What are the advantages of using an Heart Rate Monitor?

Using a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) with your Bike GPS has a number of key benefits, particularly for the competive and professional rider. Firstly, you can accurately measure your maximum heart rate and resting heart rate throughout your ride, pinpointing times where you are physically exerting yourself. This allows you to work out the correct training intensities with more accuracy and ensure you maintain the correct effort. Additionally when used in competition, HRM's can be a valuable piece of equipment to ensure correct pacing. This is especially true in longer races and for riders who always tend to go off too fast and get a rush of blood to the head.

Uses of a Cadence Sensor

A Cadence Sensor is a great training tool for people who want to ride efficiently and not burn up all their energy stores. By fitting a Cadence, you can monitor your revolutions per minute and ensure you are in the correct gear for the speed and incline you are travelling. Keeping your cadence at around 100 will allow you to ride efficiently whilst maintaining speed.

What's in the box?

1 x Bike 270 Pro GPS trip computer
1 x Bike mount and fitting cables
1 x PC cable
Free subscription to for route sharing

Technical Specification

Size: 85 x 50 x 21mm
Weight: 84g
Display: 1.5" LCD with backlight, 4-level grayscale LCD
Resolution: 128 x 128
Battery: Built-in lithium with USB charging
Battery Life: Up to 20hrs
Battery Power: 1050 mAh
Waterproof Level: IXP7
GPS Chipset: MTK 3329
Software: ezPlanner Plus for Windows to review your rides and export GPX

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is more accurate Bike GPS or Smartphone App?
A. Dedicated GPS bike computer is more accurate and reliable than a smartphone with GPS as the sensitive GPS is purpose built for outdoor and tracking use.

Q. Are Memory-Map Bike Computers Compatible with Memory-Map maps and charts?
A. Bike 250 and Bike 270 Pro are GPS trip computers, so do not display Memory-Map maps and charts. Download the ezPlanner software to view stats and tracklogs then export GPX files to share online at or use with your existing Memory-Map software.

Q. If my battery dies, do I lose my ride data?
A. No, you can recharge your unit without losing your ride data, but the unit will not carry on recording unless powered.


1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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Memory-Map Bike 270 GPS & 270HC GPS Trip Computer
Memory-Map Bike 270 GPS & 270HC GPS Trip Computer

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